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Mind Body Hormones

A whole-body approach to healing your hormones!

Does this sound like you?

• You have been to hundreds of doctors, and no one can help.

• You have tried every medication and supplement.

• You have altered your diet.

• You are at a war with your body.

If you find yourself nodding along then maybe it's time to take a different approach to healing your hormones

Let's see what's inside

Phase 1

Your mind controls every aspect of how your body responds to healing. So, we must first break down limiting beliefs we have about healing our hormones, how we view ourselves, and the capabilities of our bodies

Phase 2

Learn how to speak to your body. We will do so with a technique called Dien Chan facial reflexology. I will teach you how to properly use facial reflexology to clear energy blockages from your internal organs and send them instructions to get back to work!

Phase 3

We will review the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle and how you can support your menstrual cycle with food . I included a few recipes that are my go-to's to help you get started. We will also review some supplements and herbs that can also be very supportive of healing your hormones.

Phase 4

Using specific movements, we will target organs and meridian channels to help break up stagnation and bring back their energy flow. Pairing these movements with breathwork, making it a meditative practice, will help you connect to a deeper part of yourself you didn't know existed

A more detailed look at each phase...


4 Video Tapping Tutorials

  • Feeling Unworthy

  • Self-Love

  • Physical Concerns

  • Hormonal Imbalance


2 Video Reflexology Tutorials

  • Reproductive Zone

  • Hormonal Imbalance protocol


Deep look into link between hormones and food

  • Understanding the Menstrual cycle (4 Phases)

  • Supporting your hormones through diet

  • Sample Recipes

  • Supplements/Herbs


2 video tutorials

  • Qigong for Hormone Balance

  • Hormone Balancing Meditation

I'm ready to take control of my hormones

Why I developed this course

Here is my story ....

I designed this course after battling with my hormones for YEARS, struggling with PCOS, amenorrhea, anxiety, depression, acne, gut issues, and infertility. After going to so many doctors and all dismissing my concerns or just wanting to shut me up with medication, I started to feel lost. I tried homeopathic doctors, changed my diet completely, and took every supplement that I read about on the internet.

As years passed and nothing worked, I developed a lot of self-hate and began to disconnect from my body. That time in my life was extremely dark, and I closed myself off from many of my friends and family. I sometimes think in life, we have to hit an ultimate low before we feel the desire to rise. I decided one day I couldn't feel this way anymore. If I wanted to heal, it would be up to me, no one else, and I was determined to find a way to feel better. And this is when my true healing journey began.

I went back to school to learn about integrative health and began to see the body as a whole. That diet is important, however, it is not the entire piece to the puzzle. We are made up of many pieces - mind, body, energy, spirit- and if we forget or ignore those pieces, our puzzle will never be complete. After becoming certified as a wellness and hormone coach, I felt an inner calling to dive deeper.

began studying and researching traditional Chinese medicine and exploring practices like Qigong, energy medicine, EFT tapping, and Reflexology. This was when I started to see my body, mind, and even the world in such a different light.
I was not "broken." I just was lost. My body was screaming for attention. I couldn't understand the message. I had to work through the smoke that was clouding my mind. Begin to shift my mindset from seeing myself as "unhealable" or "broken" to strong and beyond capable. When I started to truly believe in myself and finally understood what my body needed, I healed.

What people are saying about the course

“I just finished phase 1 and was surprised at how much stress I was holding in my body. After just a few rounds of tapping I felt so much lighter”

— Pam H.

“I have been doing my facial reflexology protocol for the reproductive system and I can't believe the change in my cramps! They used to be so intense I could barely go to work. Now they are almost nonexistent!”

— Jacqueline M.

“I bought this course on a whim after trying everything to bring some regulation to my cycle. I was on B.C. for so long my body was so out of whack. After years of not having a period I got it twice so far. Excited to continue with the practices and see if it completely returns to normal.”

— Steph Z.




Whether you are currently working with a doctor, fresh off birth control, or decided you just wanted to give the natural approach a try, you are all welcome here.

I am excited for all of you to get to know yourself on a whole new level.
Appreciate the body and mind you were given.
And let the true healing journey begin.

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